16 Apr 2024

SAU Scores Big with Innovative Career Events Amidst Challenges

Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) made waves in professional development with two extraordinary career events showcasing innovation and resilience. These events reaffirmed SAU’s commitment to student success amidst financial and accreditation obstacles. Amidst recent media scrutiny, SAU’s dedication to student advancement illuminated a path of transformation and opportunity.

The Professional Development and Career Services department at SAU spearheaded these remarkable events, setting a new standard for student engagement and employer connections. The inaugural VIP Ballers Student/Employer Sneaker Ball Gala, a first-of-its-kind affair, combined sophistication and style in a way that captivated attendees and left lasting impressions.

“At SAU, we champion innovation and progress. These events showcase our steadfast commitment to empowering students and forging meaningful relationships with leading employers,” said SAU Interim President Dr. Marcus H. Burgess. “The VIP Ballers Sneaker Ball Gala was a resounding success, affirming SAU’s leadership in student-focused initiatives. SAU’s commitment to nurturing talent and creating opportunities knows no limits. The National Career Ballers Association Fair exemplifies our dedication to shaping tomorrow’s leaders.”

The gala evening, a spectacle of talent and professionalism, saw students donning cocktail attire paired with stylish sneakers, embodying a fusion of elegance and contemporary fashion. Employers praised the dynamic speed meetings that mirrored a strategic game, punctuated by engaging discussions and opportunities for networking.

Students at the VIP Sneaker Ball

“The VIP Ballers Gala was a game-changer for our students and staff,” said Ms. Michele Johnson, Director of Career Services. “It exemplified our dedication to creating unique opportunities and fostering connections that transcend traditional boundaries.”

Building on this success, SAU’s National Career Ballers Association Fair took center stage the following day, embracing an NBA theme that resonated with participants. The vibrant atmosphere saw students and employers sporting casual professional attire alongside their favorite NBA or college jerseys, paying homage to iconic sports figures.

“I feel that the Career Fair is a great opportunity, and I hope to see more of it for students to receive hands-on experience and networking to leverage their careers,” said Emmanuel Bryant, a senior majoring in business management and an intern with Toshiba, in an Instagram post. “Internships are

important for freshmen and sophomores because the earlier you start, the earlier you figure out what you want to do.”

The fair, a convergence of talent and ambition, facilitated dialogues between students and employers, providing a platform for career exploration and growth. Participants immersed themselves in the energetic setting, engaging in insightful conversations and forming connections that transcended traditional boundaries. The following employers and graduate programs were in attendance.

  • NC Real Estate Commission
  • NC Bankers
  • SAS
  • North Carolina Department of Adult Correction
  • City of Raleigh PRCR Parkes and Natural Resources
  • City of Raleigh/Partnership Raleigh Intern Program
  • Duke Health
  • Raleigh Police Department
  • Wegmans
  • Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions
  • City of Raleigh
  • North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
  • NC Dept of Revenue
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • US Department of State
  • North Carolina Central University – School of Graduate Studies
  • State Employee Credit Union
  • Luihn VantEdge Partners, LLC
  • Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Toshiba booth at the Career Fair

“The National Career Ballers Association Fair provided a platform for students and employers to connect in a dynamic and unique setting,” said Associate Vice President of Professional Development & Enterprise Services Dr. Cindy Love. “SAU’s commitment to fostering talent and facilitating opportunities shines through events like these.”

As SAU continues to forge ahead, these visionary career events are a testament to the university’s resilience and unwavering focus on student success. Despite external challenges, SAU remains steadfast in its mission to empower students and cultivate a thriving academic environment.

SAU students have secured almost eighty internships for this academic year. Click here to learn more about the SAU Professional Development and Career Services.