06 Dec 2019

National Alumni Association Donates $170k Toward the Renovation Campaign

The National Alumni Association of Saint Augustine’s University donated $170,000 on December 5, 2019, to support payment for residence hall renovations. This sum was collected from a special appeal by the President of the NAA-SAU, Dr. John Larkins with the assistance of the Office of Alumni Affairs (Sheryl Ximines and Dr. Kimberly Moore) and other NAA-SAU fund-raising events. The original appeal for the residence hall campaign is $500,000. The current donation was made up of funds from Homecoming 2019 events. According to Dr. Larkins, “This donation is the largest single donation from the NAA-SAU and represents what we as an organization can do to support our alma mater. A special note of thanks goes to Dr. Ruben Cowart (class of 64’) for contributing $45k to this special fund-raising appeal.” Larkins added that the NAA-SAU will continue their campaign to help Saint Augustine’s raise money for the University’s infrastructure. He also acknowledged that the Executive Committee of the NAA-SAU did an outstanding job managing events during Homecoming and assisting in raising money. As the end of the calendar year approaches, everyone is encouraged to give to the SAU Annual Giving Campaign and Dormitory Renovation Campaign. Your donations will help Saint Augustine’s University and possibly save on your federal income taxes. Donations can be forwarded to the NAA-SAU or Saint Augustine’s University’s Office of Institutional Advancement.